A Lifetime Of Opportunities - Legacy Advisors

The Ladacin Network has roots back to 1949 and offers a lifetime of hope and opportunity for individuals with complex physical and developmental disabilities and delays. They are a unique organization that is dedicated to the lifetime needs of their clients, beginning at infancy and continuing through all of life’s passages. Their programs open the door to a more independent life for all of those in the network. Over 3,500 individuals and families are touched by the over 550 Qualified and dedicated staff at Ladacin. They have been accredited by the CARF since 1987. They are proud and energized by the positive changes that have occurred over these past 80 years and look forward to continuing to provide a lifetime of opportunities for the infants, children and adults they serve. The ability to move with ease is a unique experience for many individuals with physical developmental disabilities. The Legacy Foundation was proud to have had the opportunity to purchase 2 Pedal Wheelchairs. These chairs allow users to have a minimum amount of trunk strength, as well as some mobility in their legs. The 2 wheelchairs came in a large and small size, with the smaller benefiting children as young as 5 years old. These chairs are put to good use during formal therapeutic sessions. The greatest benefit is allowing the students having the pleasure of moving about their day with a new independence and perhaps a smile on their face! For more information, and how you may be able to help, please visit their website at www.ladacin.org.