Continuity Planning - Legacy Advisors


Your Business

Safeguarding your interests

Most of our clients own a significant asset which needs specific attention. Most often, this is ownership in a privately held business. Often, there is a critical decision to be made. Will the business be sold, go public or be passed down to the next generation? The continuity of business interests or real estate to keep in the family is often an important aspect of our process.


Careful planning to help maximize success

An objective may be to keep a real estate asset in the family. Sharing of these assets by beneficiaries can be difficult and careful planning from many perspectives is necessary to successfully accomplish this objective. Consideration must be given to items such as ownership, control, income, cash flow and tax responsibility.


An asset of significant size often creates challenges with equalization among family members and is charged with emotion, which can put pressure on a family. We will help you carefully focus on the continuity plan and integrate it with the overall planning.