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Your Lifetime

Defining financial independence can be challenging

Our experience indicates many individuals actually focus more on business and estate planning, and neglect to focus specifically on themselves personally. Having a plan which clearly identifies the lifetime objectives and assets to support that plan is intended to provide clarity for the future. Our clients can potentially benefit greatly by having us identify where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there.


We identify your needs and plan for the future

At Legacy Advisors, we help our clients identify their personal cash flow needs in order to fulfill their desired lifestyles now and in the future. This includes discussions around major life decisions and purchases they might want to make, such as a vacation home or private aircraft. There may also be cash requirements for family members who need help with purchasing a new home or funding an education. Additionally, significant assets may be allocated to accomplish philanthropic objectives.


Once the financial objectives have been established, we build comprehensive cash flow scenarios utilizing our proprietary software to measure the impact of major financial decisions and investment returns on long-term financial independence. This analytic tool is extremely powerful and helpful when making decisions around income tax reduction and customized investment portfolio construction.