Our Process - Legacy Advisors


Who We Are

At Legacy Advisors, we pride ourselves in building trusting relationships, asking the right questions, crystallizing objectives and creating a plan that reflects what’s most important to our clients.

What We Do

We believe helping our clients focus on everything that is important to them and establishing specific objectives which must be accomplished differentiates us from other firms.

Gathering Data & Initial Discovery

Crystallizing client objectives

Asking a lot of questions, listening intently, and gathering your vast array of goals and objectives enables us to build a customized mosaic of your plan.

Designing The Plan

Developing the blueprint

Through a team-based approach to plan design, we bring to bear the wisdom of our advisors and technical specialists to design and construct your comprehensive plan.

& Monitoring

Getting the job done and quarterbacking your advisors

Our mantra is there are no short cuts. We strive to achieve excellence in execution and plan monitoring due to our culture of accountability and discipline applied within a framework of efficient workflows.

Adjust & Refine

Leading with an adaptive approach

Capital markets and economies change and so do perspectives and financial circumstances. We take pride in helping you navigate change successfully.

Have Your Family
Join Our Family

We advise highly successful families on the unique challenges and opportunities created by their success.  Our clients work hard to accomplish their personal objectives. Financial goals are an important part of any plan, but these goals stretch beyond financial. Their character and values define their identity. This is what is most important to our clients and the legacy they work hard to instill in their families.

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