Funding Bridge For Working Families With Ill Children - Legacy Advisors

Fred’s Footsteps was formed in February 2005 just following the death of G. Fred DiBona, President, and CEO of Independence Blue Cross. He was a man of limitless compassion and generosity. In his honor, Fred’s Footsteps was formed to provide financial assistance to hard-working families in the Philadelphia region, who find themselves in crisis due to the costs associated with caring for a seriously ill, injured, or disabled child. They work with families to identify where they can make the greatest impact. They have provided assistance for various family expenses such as mortgage and rent payments, utility payments, cell phone payments, groceries, car payments, home or vehicle modifications, and funeral expenses to name a few. The Legacy Foundation provided grants to help four families with different needs and situations. One of the four families has a little 7-year-old girl who had a foot amputation as a result of a tragic lawn mower injury and also required a lengthy stay at the hospital. Another family has a 7-month-old baby born at 30 weeks gestation, has heart disease, respiratory issues, and many other health problems. This family works at their family business and provides full-time care for their son which has led to increased expenses, as you can imagine. All of these families have unique circumstances that may lead to struggles to makes end meet. The most important piece is the full-time care, love, and support needed for the ill child that the family members provide 24/7 in most cases. The Legacy Foundation was thrilled to provide the much-needed assistance to these devoted families, giving them peace of mind knowing that some of their struggles and financial difficulties are being resolved, so they may care for their special children. For more information, and how you may be able to help, please visit their website at