New Day, New Home, New Beginnings - Legacy Advisors

The Salvation Army, which was founded 136 years ago is focused on meeting the needs of underserved communities and is one of the most respected charitable organization in the USA. The Salvation Army has played a key role in fighting human trafficking through the ministry of Philadelphia Social Service Ministries. Their program, New Day to Stop Trafficking, supports the victims of human trafficking-sex and labor-from a life of psychological bondage and exploitation to freedom and self-sufficiency. It is estimated that there are 35.8 million people enslaved in this world today; many are women and children forced into the sex trade. It is also the second most lucrative, illegal international “industry” today, reaping annual profits of over $150 billion. After partnering with other organizations and facilities, in 2014, the TSA New Day Women’s Drop-in Center was opened serving the Philadelphia region. Exploited women receive help, showers, food, clothing, social services and most of all, a safe place to make choices to regain control of their lives. They expanded their services to help not only adult women but the younger victims of trafficking. The largest gap preventing them from moving forward with their young lives was stable housing. The New Day program initiated a fund drive for the development of a new home specifically for local, young women ages 18-24. These young women were victims of trafficking for sex as minors and are aging out of child protective services. This unique home will offer comprehensive, holistic, trauma-informed services, including education and if needed, getting their GED. The home will also provide safe staple housing, teach all aspects of daily living skills, such as budgeting, meal prep, and housekeeping, to name a few. The Legacy Foundation is proud to have had the opportunity to provide a grant to the New Home, which is expected to open in January 2017. Our grant will provide the new home with a supply of all their food needs for these women for a full year. For more information, and how you may be able to help, please visit The Salvation Army’s Philadelphia Social Service Ministries website at