Disability Is Not Inability – Keep Reaching for the Stars! - Legacy Advisors

THE CENTER AT HAMPTON HOUSE- Founded in 2017 by a mother of two adult children with Autism who had exhausted resources for them to have independence and find employment. The Center provides a safe environment for individuals 14 years and older who are on the spectrum or have intellectual disabilities. They have many training and development programs, such as, employment skills, social skills, independent living skills, technology training, and problem solving. These are important in helping individuals achieve financial and living independence, employment readiness, adapting to social and work situations, and many more life situations. They receive the support and educational training needed to achieve their goals of living a fuller and independent life! The Legacy Foundation was so proud to provide a grant for their “Getting Your Future in Focus” program which helps individuals understand a lot about themselves, in particular their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, all of these programs and training identify and target employment opportunities that will be the best fit for them as independent individuals. For more information about The Center at Hampton House and how you can help, please visit their website at https://thecenterathamptonhouse.org.