Empowering Futures And Giving Our Youth A Sense Of Purpose - Legacy-Advisors

The Garage Community & Youth Center is an after-school center whose mission is to empower youth to reach their potential. They partner with local schools, churches, businesses, other non-profits, and community members to provide free, academic tutoring, mentoring, relationship-building, a computer lab, community service opportunities, and recreation for middle and high school students in southern Chester County. Up until 2001, the youth center was a vacant car garage, but a local business leader and youth pastor envisioned it as a haven for young people. The Garage is open five afternoons/evenings a week, free of charge, to middle and high school students in the greater Kennett Square area and West Grove, serving hundreds of students daily. Their mission is achieved primarily through three core components of their after-school program: tutoring, mentoring, and community service. Many of the students come from economically disadvantaged families whose parents face numerous language and cultural challenges. Some come from single parent homes and substantially and economically distressed households. A number of high-risk youth, including those at risk of dropping out of school, those who have been in trouble with law enforcement, and those contemplating gang involvement, benefit from this after school program. Their involvement provides them with the support necessary to begin overcoming obstacles, achieve success in school and make positive life choices. With a matching grant provided by one of our clients, the Legacy Foundation’s grant provided a Mac computer and several iPads which are used by students and staff for workshops/presentations. These additional much needed computers allow each student to work in a less crowded environment since computer time is always in high demand. For more information on the program, please visit The Garage Community and Youth Center’s website at www.garageyouthcenter.org.