He Who Can, Does. He Who Cannot, Teaches. - Legacy Advisors

St. Malachy’s School serves nearly 210 children, all with the help of teachers, donors and countless others. Their mission is to provide a family-oriented environment that encourages academic excellence. They foster awareness to our human connection, to God and to our global community and are committed to building strong moral character and Christian values to help students become lifelong learners. St. Malachy’s depends on contributions, grants and private donations to continue their mission. Each year the school must raise 1.2 million dollars to accomplish their mission. The school takes pride in a 95% daily attendance rate, a rate of 91% of kindergartners testing at grade level or above in reading and a rate of 83% testing at “high mastery”. The majority of graduates enroll in independent, parochial, charter or magnet schools including La Salle College High School, Merion Mercy Academy, Roman Catholic High School, Mastery Charter, Central High School and the Charter High School for Architecture and Design. The Legacy Foundation grant provided instructional materials/books needed for the Middle States Accreditation process. For more information, please visit their website at www.saintmalachyparish.com.