The mission of Pathways to Housing PA is to transform individual lives by ending homelessness and supporting recovery for people with disabilities. Since 2008, Pathways to Housing PA has been able to take 400 chronic homeless people to housing where they reclaim their lives and break the long cycle of homelessness. This transition is a very involved and intensive process and takes a professional and caring team to make it work. The results of having them reconnect with their communities, families and friends is truly amazing. One of Pathway’s goals is to turn empty houses into homes by providing no cost furnishings to those in need. To fulfill this need, they have created a warehouse into a centralized location (Philadelphia Furniture Bank) making available free furniture to all who need it. No one is ever turned away or charged for the items they need. Pathway believes no child should have to sleep on the floor, or eat without a dinner table, and have a place to store their belongings. The Legacy Foundation provided a grant to the Furniture Bank which they used to purchase brand new beds as they believe every person deserves to sleep on a new bed, especially after they have slept on the streets or in shelters while homeless. This is a great gift to those who receive them, bringing peace of mind knowing they can sleep at night in a clean and comfortable bed. For more information on Pathways to Housing PA and the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, please visit their website at