Peace Begins When the Hungry are Fed! - Legacy Advisors

Uplift Solutions was founded in 2009 by Jeff and Sandy Brown with the mission of “delivering entrepreneurial solutions that support underserved communities for the joy of a healthy life”. Through the years they developed and implemented various community programs such as, work training, food access and distribution, and health benefits access, to name a few. All of their programs have one goal in mind and that is to fulfill their mission of helping those in need. Philly Food Rescue, a food recovery program, was developed in 2018. Through the efforts of volunteers and the latest technology, surplus food is picked up from supermarkets, hotels, and businesses. Volunteers coordinate and deliver the food to the communities and people that need it most. Unfortunately, the pandemic of 2020 created many obstacles to not only get the food to the people who needed it, but the food chain was diminished due to businesses closing, food shortages in markets, contaminated meat supply, and many other hardships. This then created a greater increase in need and a greater decrease in availability. They were determined to find solutions, and came up with the idea to create a food program with pop up distribution sites providing weekly bags of fruits and vegetables in targeted areas throughout Philadelphia and Chester. The Legacy Foundation provided a grant that supported the purchase of the fruits and vegetables to be distributed to the various communities. To learn more about Uplift Solutions, Philly Food Rescue, other community programs and volunteer opportunities, please visit their website at