Preparing Youth for Life’s Challenges through Education - Legacy Advisors

Inn Dwelling was founded in 1981 with its mission to help people become self-sufficient, and in 1997 created the Comprehensive Youth Initiative to begin transforming at risk youth. Their ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for students to obtain an education and gain meaningful employment, while striving to get out of poverty. In order to break the cycle of generational poverty, they developed time-intensive and holistic educational programs. These programs include after-school tutoring, test preparation and strategies, public speaking sills, Saturday and Summer enrichment, community service, and many other opportunities giving them the best chance at success. The Legacy Foundation provided a grant in support of their Comprehensive Youth Initiative program for financially challenged, but gifted middle school students, enabling them to thrive in the advanced educational environment. Most, if not all, of the students served by Inn Dwelling’s programs will go on to graduate high school, get into and ultimately graduate from college. For more information on Inn Dwelling, and how you may able to help, please visit