Seeing Each Child As A Child, Not A Diagnosis - Legacy-Advisors

The Academia is a one-room schoolhouse located in Williamsport, PA, for special needs students in grades K-12. It was started by two parents who felt that the public school system was not the right place for their son. They incorporated an excellent online cyber-school curriculum along with the guidance of teachers with a combined 50 years of experience. They believe in learning outside of the classroom, experiential forms of education, and strong parental involvement. Some children thrive in a smaller classroom situation and others do better working with a cyber-school format. The students consist of children on the autism spectrum as well as those with tourette syndrome, grand-mal seizures, oppositional defiant disorder, missing chromosomes, anxiety, dyslexia, and children who have been bullied in other schools. The children complete their cyber-school education during morning hours and the afternoons are devoted to special activities. The Legacy Foundation provided a grant, matched by one of our clients, to help purchase a van for transporting students for school trips, therapy appointments, and swim lessons. All parents are encouraged and welcome to volunteer anytime. Please visit their website for more information: