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In 1905, the initiative to purchase a dispensary located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, led by The Rev. August Fischer, pastor of the St. Michael Lutheran Church, Deaconess Sister Maria Roeck and a local physician, Dr. William G. Eisenhardt, was finalized and the treatment of local immigrants suffering from tuberculosis began what would become a lifelong mission of helping those in need in the community. Their mission now supports community development by exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources and empowering dreams. Their mission is to ensure that all individuals have the freedom and assistance to live the life they want, in the manner they choose, regardless of any obstacles and/or disabilities. Programs offered are for the benefit of children from infancy to adulthood. Some of these programs include Community Living, Employment, Community Participation Day Programs, Project Search for valuable job training, ACES Program for developing skills in successful employment, Transitional Education Support, Early Intervention services and Children’s Transitional Care Community Living Homes. The Legacy Foundation was excited to provide a grant for the Music Program at KenCrest Early Learning Center in Philadelphia supporting over 984 children, 95% of which are from low income families and 20% have development delays. Did you know that studies have shown that children learn and take in information better if it is sung to them, rather than spoken? The benefits of music therapy include a better attention span, improved motor and language skills, and many more. For more information or how you may able to help KenCrest, please visit their website at